Date: 2015-03-20

Why the name Program Z? Z is the last letter in the alphabet, and this program is the last one you will ever need to achieve you aesthetic goals. There are plenty of programs and diets that work, but most people come up short on hitting their goals on these programs because they lose focus and motivation. Program Z is set up for you to succeed!



Lets get this out of the way 1st…what is the cost?


 $250 (One time fee)



If the price didn’t scare you away and you are still reading…congrats, you have made the first step into getting in the best physical shape of your life. For a small investment into yourself, you will have the tools to consistently drop body fat, gain lean muscle, and get through your day-to day life feeling fantastic. Program Z was developed by gym owner, author, and pro athlete, Garrin Clark. He has been helping people achieve physical and aesthetic goals for over 20 years. After watching trends in behavior with folks who he has worked with, he figured out that there were some common behaviors with people who were successful in achieving their goals as well as some common behaviors with those who failed in achieving their goals. Garrin saw the need to put together a program that played into the strengths of those you achieved as well as a program that greatly improved the chances for success for those who tend to give up before reaching their goals. Program Z is set up for success, because it keeps people engaged with constant visualization of their improvements as well as constant support.


Program Z comes in 2 forms: Z- for those who's main interest is to lose body fat with lean muscle gain being secondary; and Z+ for those who's interest lies in gaining lean muscle, with fat loss being secondary. 


Here is what Program Z includes:


Complete instructions

A list of apps to download with your smart phone

1 month of Nutrition Guidance ($200 value)

Workout suggestion

1 hour consultation and training 

Ongoing guidance for as long you are engaged in the program





Q: Is there any reoccurring fees?

A: No, but If you are interested in receiving Nutrition Plans beyond the first 30 days, then you 

     can continue to have plans written for you at a discounted rate)


Q: Do I have to work out at F3 Fitness?

A: No, you can workout anywhere of your choice. The workouts that are suggested are really 

     important, just make sure you get them in.


Q: What if I don't have time to workout, will the nutrition alone be affective?

A: Just following the nutrition plan will yield some great benefits, but reaching a plateau will be 

     achieved rapidly if you don't workout the prescribed amount of days.


Q: If I do all of the workouts, but don't follow the nutrition plan will I see great gains?

A: Being physical and getting in all the workouts is a great start and you will notice improvements. The nutrition plan that is written is to maximize the results of all your hard work in the gym. The complete programs are written to burn fat and/ or build lean muscle.



I started “Program Z” 3 months ago and I have lost over 30 lbs. of fat and am now at my lowest weight in over 20 years.  Program Z is fool proof if you stick to the meal plans and workout regimen.  Your program is customized to your needs and goals.  You have unlimited support and motivation daily to help keep you on track to reach your goals.  I started F3 Fitness at an alarming 330 lbs. in 2008.  I lost 130 lbs. by exercising and diet but had been stagnant with my weight loss for about 4 years.  I knew what needed to change in order to break this plateau but failed to make the necessary changes.  Once Garrin developed this program and I was witnessing his success, I knew this was what I needed.  I quickly signed up and haven’t looked back since.  I am excited about my future again.  I visualize everyday what I want to look like and I promise you with “Program Z” I will get there!  I feel better and look better!  I need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and let me tell you, it feels fantastic!


Debbie S

Canton, MI




I’ve read a few books regarding nutrition and health: Why We Get Fat, Fat Chance and Grain Brain. I am familiar with the concepts of how Garrin Clarks plan works and why it works.  Garrin’s Program Z+ helped simplify and jump start my fitness and nutrition regimen and helped me drop 6.5lbs and lose 2.2% body fat in 3 weeks. I’m very happy with the help and the gains Program Z has helped me achieve.


J Cruz

Troy, MI




I have been on Program Z for eight weeks. I've already lost 17 lbs and 13% body fat. I'm confident that this program is a lifestyle change for me and not a fad diet. With Garrin's continued support and knowledge, I believe all of my goals will be achieved.  


Missy C

Dearborn Heights, MI



I am almost 45 years old and  have been struggling with being over weight since I was a teenager. I have tried numerous weight loss programs and have spent thousands of dollars on different things to try and loose weight. Some of the things I have tried have been successful but once stopped I put the weight back on plus sometimes more. About a month ago I was introduced to a new weight loss program called Program Z and in that month I have had great success. I have lost 9.7 pounds and 8.7% of my total body fat. Program Z is an amazing, easy to do program. The meal plan is well balanced and easy to follow. The cost of the program is inexpensive. The thing I like most and I find helps me to have success is that I am being held accountable for my weight loss. The personal and group support makes me want to achieve the goals I have set.


Ronda F

Dearborn Heights, MI 


I have worked  in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years as a personal trainer and I am so excited about Program Z!!! My clients needed a program that was affordable, easy to follow, flexible and one that works!!!! The best thing about this program it is set up for you.  I have shared this program with my clients, family, friends and yes myself.  I have always had a hard time putting on muscle, yet keeping my body fat percentages low......not anymore. There are so many great reasons to get on Program Z!!!  One of the advantages for me is I can eat anywhere and stay on the program and that is huge because of my busy schedule. The energy you have on this program is amazing, you feel better and it gets you to your goals...and we all want that!!!  

Joan C
Dearborn, MI 


For me being over the age of 45 and still competing on a professional level in two different sports, and competing at a very specific weight class, having maximal functional muscle is very important. I needed a program to alter my body composition in a way that burned off unnecessary fat in exchange for lean muscle gain. The Z+ Program has been amazing at helping me achieve my aesthetic as well as performance goals. in 3 months I have gained 13 pounds of muscle and shredded 15 pounds of fat! I am continually hitting personal records in training, and am really looking forward to this years competition season to get under way. I have set some high goals for myself this year, and though I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, I feel very confident that I am going to achieve those goals.  If for some reason I fall short of hitting those performance goals...the take away is i’ll be ripped and feeling good! Lol! Even if I wasn't the creator of Program Z, I would still be a client! It has been an amazing journey!


Garrin Clark

Dearborn Heights, MI  




If your ready to achieve the best shape of your life, email your contact info to: 







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