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We are a premier performance gym, equipped to train and take any athlete's game from any sport to the next level. The average person who trains at F3Fitness is not a professional athlete but a hard working citizen who doesn't compete in any sport but trains as though they do. So why do people work that hard, why do people push themselves to the point of complete exhaustion inside the F3 Fitness walls?

Maybe because all the trainers are training alongside them, sweating with them, pushing them, helping them to keep on the path of excellence, and if they should waver or fall, are there with a kind heart and a strong grip to pick them up and help put them back on that path. Or could it be because the people who find F3 and continue coming back are part of a group that believes the phrase \"best shape of my life\" is a constant, never ending work, a lifestyle.

I personally think those two examples are viable, but if you ask any member why they train so hard, why they constantly are striving to achieve perfect health and fitness, they will always say \“Because I Can!\". We train like there is no tomorrow, because we were blessed with the tools to do so. We do it for all the warriors who can't but wish they could. We do for the once in a lifetime chance we may need to use the skills and strength earned to make a difference.

If you are looking for a gym that you can do bicep curls while staring at yourself in a mirror, or you think dancing is working out, or you are just looking for a place to lose 10 pounds to get into a pair of jeans you haven't worn in years...we are not the gym for you. If you are an individual who strives for greatness, is never content with being content, is looking for a high powered place that comes with a family of alike minds where you can truly achieve being in the best shape of your life...Then F3 Fitness is for you!

We offer personal training, small group training, as well as classes to help mold you into what you were born to be...a ninja!
     -Garrin Clark Owner, Founder F3 Fitness

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