Colin Thompson
Nick Name
Bench Press 253lbs
Deadlift 435lbs
I started coming to F3 in March of 2013, and after just 3 months I became the youngest person to achieve warrior status at just 15 years old. Im also a football player for Allen Park High School, playing offense and defensive line. I hope to play college and then move on to professional football one day. Since joining F3 Fitness I started competing in powerlifting in which I broke and now hold two world records, one in bench press and the other in deadlift. I placed first at the national competition which qualified me for the World Meet, where I am hoping to win my division. I am now working on my Elite Warrior status and eventually Immortal. All of my goals I have achieved and everything I will in the future is without a doubt because of F3 and all of the great people here.