Debbie Surdu
Nick Name Sunshine
300 2k8 9.55
300 2k9 14.05
300 2k10 13.05
300 2k11 9.54
300 2k12 21.14
Immortal Mile 27.28
F3T 237 reps
Gauntlet 9.25
Deadlift 365 lbs.
Squat 265 lbs.
Turkish Get Up 62 lbs.
Over Head Squat 125 lbs.
Bench Press 165 lbs.
Turkish Get 62 lbs.
Box Jump 20"
Box Jumps 20"
When I walked into F3 I weighed over 300 lbs. and could barley make it through a workout. I quickly became addicted to the workouts, the atmosphere, and the people. By June of 2011 I had dropped 130 lbs. and can do things that I never thought possible. I have started competing in kettlebell competitions and have become nationally ranked (rank 2) with the IKFF. I completed the Warrior Dash race in 2011. Never without my training at F3 would I have been able to accomplish this race. I fell 20 ft. off a wall, broke a finger, received a black eye and I still finished! I\'ve deadlifted 360 lbs. and am thinking of eventually competing in power lifting. Becoming a F3 Warrior has been a triumphant journey! I still have many more fitness goals that I want to achieve along with continuing to lose weight. I have no doubt that these goals will be achieved because of F3!
Debbie Surdu
Debbie Surdu