Maureen Wiley DuJardin
Warrior Elite
Nick Name
300 2k8 10:18
300 2k9 9:21
300 2k10
300 2k11 9:35
300 2k12 14:35
Immortal Mile
Deadlift 280 lbs
Squat 200 lbs.
Bench Press 125 lbs
Pull/ Chin Up
Turkish Get Up 53 lbs.
O.H. Squat
Box Jump 30\
Power Clean
Barbell jerk
I joined F3 in July of 2009 after making the decision to be a “fit mom” instead of a “fat mom”. My 1st experience was a Tabata class where we used Kettlebells. I had never heard of Tabata or Kettlebells but I quickly realized F3 was unlike any other gym I had ever been to. Since F3 Fitness my life and health has changed drastically for the better. I have run races and medaled, I have dead- lifted, squatted, and benched more than I ever thought possible Besides dropping six pants sizes, I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I am now a Kettlebell competitor that has reached the rank of CMS (Candidate Master of Sport) and a Certified Kettlebell Teacher with the IKFF. I continue to set fitness goals for myself and I am working on reaching Elite Warrior status at F3, as well as the rank of MS (Master of Sport). The F3 atmosphere is one of encouragement, motivation and inspiration and it has changed my life.
Maureen Wiley DuJardin
Maureen Wiley DuJardin
Maureen Wiley DuJardin
Maureen Wiley DuJardin