Garrin Clark
Warrior Immortal
Nick Name G
300 2k8 6:32
300 2k9 6:23
300 2k10 9:45
300 2k11 10:43
300 2k12 17:31
F3T 340 reps
Immortal Mile 14:11
Gauntlet 8:44
Dragon 18:17
Deadlift 485
Squat 340
Bench Press 230
Pull up/ Chin up 155
Turkish Get Up 97
O.H. Squat 165
Box Jump 52
Power Clean 205
Barbell Jerk 180
Garrin is the founder and Co-owner of F3 Fitness. He has been helping people achieve their fitness and health goals for 18 years. He is a published author of the book, "The Next Level", which is about how to increase ones performance for the sport of competition paintball. Garrin is presently one of only three MT's (Master Teachers) in the world with the IKFF, which simply means he can certify CKT's (Certified Kettlebell Teacher's). Garrin is a life long athlete who is presently a MS (Master of Sport) ranked kettlebell sport competitor, as well as a World Champion Powerlifter, with several World Records. Garrin is also the current 2x defending pro world champion in the International Kettlebell Games. His zest for life and dedication to living strong and getting others to adopt that lifestyle is relentless.
Garrin Clark
Garrin Clark
Garrin Clark
Garrin Clark