Chrissy Klaes
Nick Name
300 2k8 9:54
300 2k9 9:22
300 2k10 14:54
300 2k11 11:07
300 2k12 18:38
Immortal Mile
Gauntlet 21:22
F3T 273 reps
Turkish Get Up 53 lbs
Pull Up/ Chin up
Bench Press 110 lbs
Barbell Jerk/ Push Press
Box Jump 30\
When I started at F3 fitness in 2008 I was scaredÖ.wasnít sure I was going to make here. But within just a few short sessions I was hooked, sold, in it for life! I quickly realized this place was going to change me, physically and mentally. Almost 4 years later, a lot of aches, scrapes, blood, sweat and tears, Iím stronger, leaner and healthier at 44 than I ever was at 24. I am a kettlebell competitor, rank 3 biathlon (jerk/snatch) 16kg. Iím an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher. And I have been able to maintain 15% bodyfat for over the past 2 years. With so many goals still on my list, I am driven within myself, by the people I train with everyday, and this amazing place I call my 2nd home.
Chrissy Klaes
Chrissy Klaes
Chrissy Klaes
Chrissy Klaes